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Video Introduction to Intaglio Printmaking

I found this brilliant video introduction to Intaglio printmaking on Youtube: Very well-edited and informative video clip. Mezzotint is one of Intaglio printmaking techniques. Strictly speaking, it is a drypoint, as the image on the plate is formed by roughening the surface of the plate and then smoothing some areas, as opposed to incising the metal in engraving, […]

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Mezzotint. How Many Proofs?

I seem to be managing with less proofs now than I used to. Some prints took around 20 or more stage proofs before the final image. Especially the larger portrait mezzotints, like “Girl by the Window”, “Mother and Child” and “Alina’s Faces”. The smaller and less detailed mezzotints were finished with 4-7 proofs. I put together […]

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