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Architecture: Thrills of a Certain Lifestyle.

Architecture Photography: Casa Talia / Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta (9) (163269).

Prickly beasts contained behind a glass! Looking into the privacy of your bathroom, waving their fat thorny flappers at you, you – naked and warm, only just having emerged from the safety of your soft bed… They are waiting. Architecture Photography: Casa Talia / Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta (9) (163269).

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“Advanced Style”

"Advanced Style" by Ari Seth Cohen

Wouldn’t you like to have this kind of presence?! Not for the limelight, not for the special occasion, but for the everyday’s “movie of your life”? This is the book published by a blogger Ari Seth Cohen, and below is the most inspirational trailer to his film, which I’d love to see! In his own […]

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Home Ideas: Landing Strip

Apartment Therapy. Recessed storage

I love functionality. I love order. Ideally, I’d strip bare everything in Life right to the raw frame. But, you know, emotional bonds, compromises and such like… As a result, my home and my stuff would convey anything BUT the above statement. However, slowly but surely, I am pinning together my Ideal Home, an important […]

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– How about a personal style?

– Well, it’s a tough question. – Why? – I haven’t got a mirror big enough to embrace all of me, and without being able to see myself how am I going to form my style? Can we switch the topic now? – Gotcha! You are wriggling now! Painful, uncomphortable? – Ok, then. Bring it […]

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