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– How about a personal style?

– Well, it’s a tough question. – Why? – I haven’t got a mirror big enough to embrace all of me, and without being able to see myself how am I going to form my style? Can we switch the topic now? – Gotcha! You are wriggling now! Painful, uncomphortable? – Ok, then. Bring it […]

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The Caterpillar Who Changed

There was time when little worm-like creatures you now call caterpillars never changed into butterflies. They were born, had their babies, and eventually died as caterpillars all the way through. But then it all changed. There was this young caterpillar once. Life was nice to it. Day in and day out all was same. All […]

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Around the World in 80 Portraits

This idea came up: On the website we put up an ad. Huge one! The Roche family is travelling the world. The idea is to pay for the accomodation and travelfare by portraits. Anyone who lives or has homes on the route and interested in commissioning a portrait, please contact us. Now, let’s see what […]

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