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Vibrational Capital Dream

dream interpretation

Last night I had another of my fable-dreams. I am receiving a payment for a portrait commission, and I seem to be remembering that it was Will I Am who commissioned me (Wow!!! Wouldn’t it be cool!!!). The payment is in cash, £18000. I feel really pleased and excited to have all this money, which […]

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Seeker and Useless

The Seeker asked the Useless: What’s your use? You are useless! That’s my use – being useless, – said he. – How else would you find your generosity? “What a fool! Useless fool!” – thought the Seeker and rushed off in search of use he can bring to the world, while the Useless remained there, under […]

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The recommended method with the dreams is to ask a question, or program yourself to have a dream on a certain topic, so that you can receive the wisdom through it, before you fall asleep. Then, when you wake up, it is best to record it ASAP, because the chances are – you’ll forget. It might be not too important, but then again, on some occasions it might be life saving.

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