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God and I. We had words.

I drew myself today. And it felt rather good. Don’t know why I was afraid of doing it, kept postponing and procrastinating. I felt relieved, back in something real, back in somewhere honest.  And yes, I am going to God. It isn’t easy. I would have given up, if there were anywhere better to go. […]

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More about Death

If I could drop dead right now, I’d be the happiest man alive.   – Samuel Goldwyn Agree. Not that I am so unhappy, no. But there is something big and exciting on the other side… The curiosity is the reason. My favourite blog of the month: http://masquaraboz.livejournal.com/ My find of the month: http://finto-pazzo.livejournal.com/ Congratulations to […]

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The better Death

This morning’s post on the Poetry Chaikhana came with a better idea of death than anything I came across so far. Still, it is not ideal. I mean, the death the way I perceive it, is a liberation, complete bliss and the all-encompassing knowledge. But now I came closer to understanding the pleasure of the physical existence. The really ideal […]

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