Short Story “The Sun and The Rain”

The short story about The Sun, The Rain and The Wind came to me two years ago. These stories, they do visit occasionally, out of nowhere, and ask to be written down.

It came, asked, and I wrote it down, but it looked raw and I was lacking a photo with a rainbow for an illustration, hence I just left it as a draft. Today I was walking in Rye Harbour and the light was amazing which prompted a picture-snapping spree. In the evening, posting some of the photos on Facebook, I added a little paragraph to accompany them and that reminded me of the story. I found it, edited to the best of my ability, and illustrated with one of this morning’s pictures. It is still rainbowless, but at least the Wind and the Sun are there, with the Rain almost there – flickering, elusive, here for a moment and gone in the next.

So, I present this short story for what it’s worth and apologies for my non-native English.


Sun and Rain never met.

Sun’s domain was above the clouds and the Rain’s – below.

When the Wind took the clouds away to other places, Sun would see that the Earth’s face was washed and fresh and he wondered about this…

One day the Sun asked the Wind:
– “Who washes Earth’s face when I cannot see her for the clouds?”

The Wind replied:
– “The Rain, of course!”
– “The Rain?”
– “Yes, the Rain who lives in the clouds and pours out onto Earth. We are friends. I take him to places.”
– “Oh, I’d like to meet this Rain!”
– “That’s tricky. He never goes above the clouds, and you cannot go below them! How are you going to meet?”
– “I don’t know, but I would very much like to.” – said the Sun.

The Wind told the Rain about the Sun.
– “The Sun is the one who lives above the clouds. He brings light and warmth. He is a great friend of the Earth, and mine too. The Sun would like to meet with you, but how? You don’t go above the clouds and he never comes below them!”

The Rain was delighted to learn about the Sun. He wanted to meet and befriend this great being as well. So, he thought about it…
– “I know!” – he said, – “Tell the Sun to look out for me next time you move my clouds. I’ll hang behind a little to greet him.”

So, one beautiful morning, as the Rain was washing Earth’s face, the Wind told the Sun to look out for the Rain. Then he blew a little harder and scattered the fluffy white clouds across the sky.

Sun peeped through the gaps in the clouds and caught up with the Rain.

They finally met, and as they touched each other, they created a rainbow which was amazingly beautiful!

So, ever since, Sun, Rain and Wind meet up to play together and they enjoy their game very much!

And with them enjoying are the Earth, the plants and the animals, the people, you and I, and perhaps many other beings who we yet don’t know about, but who would love to join in as well.

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