Possessions, Ownership, Stuff…


Reflecting upon complication of the human existence are triggered by everything around at the moment. I feel this is something I am making my mind about. Then again, every moment I am making my mind about many things.

The artist Sergey Balovin, who is travelling the world with no money at all but trading his skill of portrait painting for everything he needs along the way – brilliant demonstration of how little one needs and how easily available it is. One doesn’t need to own much at all. But one wants to. The owning imposes on one responsibilities, necessity of maintenance, un-freedom. Is it all worth it?

Freedom is within me, as well as bondage is within me. Moment to moment I choose which to experience. So does everyone else and neither of us can do the choosing for another. We are each on our own and at the same time each one of us is all ME – I am all I see around me, there is no separation.

I can see myself and each one of us as free, ultimately free, totally free. Moment to moment, the experiences are the games we play, I PLAY, I choose to perceive the “others” play, and knowing all the time that it is only a game, pretense, make-believe. There is no one but me around here. I am alone, I am on my own, I am all that I experience, I am the omnipresent and omnipotent creator of the reality. Awesome!

The most amazing thing of all is my ability to forget my own omnipresence and perceive the “others” and believe in the separation. Without it the game is impossible. The second most amazing thing is to remember the truth. The stage I am at right now is oscillating between the amnesia and the remembering which is a thrill. Every day more is revealed. I wanted this – step by step re-discovery of the I.

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