I dreamt of a sculpture…


The last episode of my dreams today was the one with a sculpture…

I had someone telling me, that he sow a very interesting sculpture, “go, and see!” Explained where it was, somewhere in a public indoors area. I went. It wasn’t a museum or gallery, so people around were not paying attention specifically to that piece of art, and I spotted it in a corner by looking for it. It was a life size or slightly bigger standing figure. In a office attire, with a laptop bag under one arm and some suitcase with documents in another. Glasses. Short curly hair. Tie. Breasts. Slightly erected bulge of a penis under the zip of the trousers… Made in bronze. The look of the myopic eyes and the general expression of the face kind of attentive, but rather lost, switched off like… You know, like the look of someone who internally gives up, but keeps up the appearances, not even himself aware of having given up.

Some joyous voice says: “Great isn’t it? I especially like the way the balls roll around, creating a circular movement of the composition.” I try to see the dynamic balls, peering all over the sculpture, but can only see the mass of bronze. I am looking also for some information on the artist. Somewhere, I find that the name of the artist is Marina Davidovskaya… (Later in the morning I googled the name. Nope… No such person. Therefore, I am not a clairvoyant yet.)

Then I gradually wake up, and not opening my eyes proceed to thinking about my project at hand. The Saint Ronan’s school… Not that I need even more new media to my repertoire, but I do want to make it in a digital print technique. After reading that book “Coraline” with the illustrations by Dave McKean (and looking up more of his works, of course), I got really intruiged by the ways of combining photography and drawing and painting media all in one. I want to try! Trying to think now, how to fulfill it technically, as it’s gonna require some very expensive software (Adobe) and scanner… and printer… :-( But where there is will, there is way. Sure.

I was looking at a plastic doll and musing about colour. Why is the colour of a plastic thing, however close you try to copy the flesh shade, is always dull, colourless, dead? Because the colour is just one uniform mix. If you look at the doll in the light – it is all more or less the same colour, only with the variation of the tone, determined by the amount of the light falling on to a particular area. If you look at it in the shaded areas – same thing: one colour with a variety of tone. But if you look at a flesh, the overall colour is a composite of manyelements flesh is made up of: the skin itself, which is slightly translucent, the veins, coming closer or going deeper, the bones, the hair, the blood… So, coming to my favourite topic of the week – information – we can say, that the dull colour of the plastic bears the information about its nature – a uniform lamp of plastic. While the colour of skin bear the information about the components of the flesh…

What was it all about? I don’t know, maybe just wanted to pour out my thoughts on ridiculousness of existence of such thing as a flesh tint in paints.

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