Happy Chinese New Year!

2014 - The Year of Horse
2014 – The Year of Horse

Yesterday, we were having an ordinary family supper, admittedly, with a little wine. Nothing out of our usual routine. It was only Alina(10) with us, as Eva(12) went to a sleepover at Jades. Tim raised his glass and said “Cheers!”. We all cheered and went on about our supper, when Alina solemnly said: “Might I suggest that we celebrate a Chinese New Year today”… I adore this little girl! She can be so unexpectedly funny sometimes :-)

Mind you, she is not that little any more!

It is such a joy – to watch your own child grow. And every time it comes to my attention, I feel so happy that I am lucky enough to have it. We often take it for granted, my dear friends :-) … Although yes, sometimes, very rarely, they can be a pain in the arse!

So, Nappy Chinese New Year of the Wooden Horse!

Wooden horse
Wooden Horse


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