Grilled Aubergine With Salsa

The story of Grilled Aubergine With Salsa and where I’m going with this.

Children like to throw a curved ball at their parents in order to keep them fit.

My elder girl Eva became a vegetarian a year ago. That naturally caused a great havoc in the cooking routine and took a while to adjust. But no fear, we are good. We can be flexible. We have accepted that each member of our 4-strong team plus the dog has their unique preferences, respected and catered for by Tim and myself.

While Tim’s approach is to plan meals for the week ahead, search recipes, buy ingredients and execute more or less to the letter, mine is utterly random. Mostly my meals are led by what’s available and more often than not are improvised. Sometimes a dish comes out really well but I can rarely replicate it as I just throw things together and don’t bother to write anything down.

Of late, I decided to be more systematic with my cooking and at least attempt to record the process. Hence this Grilled Aubergine With Salsa recipe heralds yet another chapter in my book, feather to my hat, tangent to my circle – The Cook Book. Shaped by mixed background, my style is fusion of all sorts with mostly Korean leanings. I am naming my recipes collection Kim’s Kitchen Creations, and today I am presenting here the very first recipe of the collection – Grilled Aubergine With Salsa.

It is vegan, low calorie, low carb, high fibre and can be fat-free if you omit the vegetable oil.
Serves 4 to 6 as a side dish or salad.
Serve with rice and other side dishes for a traditional Korean meal.
Also recommended as accompaniment with grilled chicken white fish or halloumi.
Will make a delicious pita bread stuffing.

Nutritional info per serving if served for 6 people as a side dish (approximate):
1 serving – 170 g
calories – 85 (64 if omit vegetable oil)
total fat – 1g
cholesterol – 0
sodium – 420 mg (17% of RDI)
total carb – 13g, of which
dietary fibre – 6g
sugars – 7g
protein 3g
vitamin A – 17% of RDI
vitamin C – 22% of RDI
Calcium – 1% of RDI
Iron – 3% of RDI
aubergine large – 2
tomatoes medium – 3 or 4
spring onions – 2 shoots
fresh coriander – 3 or 4 sprigs
root celery – 1 stalk
carrot medium size – 1
garlic – 1 clove
for dressing:
salt 1 tsp approximately
ground coriander – 1/4 tsp
ground chilli to taste (I put 1 tsp)
black pepper to taste
juice of 1/2 lemon
vegetable oil – 1 tbsp (optional)
Grilling aubergines on griddle pan for Salsa sauce mix for Grilled Aubergine With Salsa
Grilling Aubergines

Slice aubergine diagonally to 0.5 cm thickness. Grill on the griddle pan without oil.

Salsa sauce mix for Grilled Aubergine With Salsa
Salsa sauce mix

Prepare the salsa sauce:
Chop finely tomatoes, celery stalk, spring onions, fresh coriander; finely grate the carrot, press the garlic clove. Put all the chopped veg and herbs into a bowl, squeeze juice of 1 lemon, add salt, ground coriander and chilli powder, vegetable oil if using, grate black pepper over it all. Mix well.

Grilled Aubergine With Salsa - layering
Layering aubergines and salsa

In a bowl line a layer of grilled aubergines and spread salsa sauce over it. In this way, put all the veg and sauce into the bowl. 

Ready to eat at once, but if you leave it overnight this dish becomes even better!

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