Chikens for sale!


Our�chickens�lost their garden. Sad face. So, they’ve got to go. Sad face. They go with the Omlet’s mobile fence. Hens are �10 each and the cockerel comes free. The fence is �70 (originally �99)

Hens: Poland bantams Blacky and Pom-Pom, silver laced�wyandott Ice, Pekin bantams Chub and Vic. Cockerel Feisty.

They are all 9 months old, Vic has been laying eggs December and January and now is having a rest. The rest of the hens are to start laying any day now. The cockerel crows, but being a bantam, he isn’t that loud.

He is related to the Poland hens, so the there of them aren’t supposed to breed. They came as eggs from the Rear Breeds Centre in Kent

Poland bantam cockrell and hen
Poland bantam cockrell and hen

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