Category: Picture-making

New mezzotint prints

I have finished working on a few plates, most of which are going to be exhibited at the Blackheath gallery in London starting from 11th of June as part of their Summer Show. Decided to experiment with adding colour to mezzotint. Got varied feedback. I am posting images with colour and without colour, and would […]

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Art and Sweetcorn

Short story by Marina Kim

In September 2009 my younger daughter Alina came to my studio for an hour or two. That visit led to an illustrated short story “Art and Sweetcorn”. Here it is: Sweetcorn is hot this season. On the way to the studio I made a detour to the Farmers’ Market, but going home in the evening […]

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Portrait Party Exchange. Favourites: #1

An extract from the PortraitParty sharing page. Like it (I mean, me like it. You can too if you want! my heart is made of gravy said… Hey Rama, I realised tonight, probably whilst emptying my bladder of a large quantity of Californian Chardonnay, that there is a form of portraiture which hasn’t yet been […]

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