Category: Being

Me and My Girls

Artist Marina Kim with the portraits of her children

This February half-term we didn’t go anywhere, and while my girls were home and the light was good, I bribed them to sit for the portraits. After all, last time I painted them was at least a couple of years ago, and I never painted them from life, always from photos. Now that they are […]

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My New Story

Drypoint original print by Marina Kim. "Artist by the Sea"

My new story is simple. It is just being and nothing other. I am. I exist and can never seize to exist. Everything else is just an experience. No good, no bad, no sins, no mistakes. I dispose of guilt too. I understand the meaninglessness of punishment. It is just a pure experience and I […]

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Vibrational Capital Dream

dream interpretation

Last night I had another of my fable-dreams. I am receiving a payment for a portrait commission, and I seem to be remembering that it was Will I Am who commissioned me (Wow!!! Wouldn’t it be cool!!!). The payment is in cash, £18000. I feel really pleased and excited to have all this money, which […]

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