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Never Be Bullied Into Mediocrity!

Portrait art by Marina Kim

This morning Tim and I had a dog walk together. I relayed to him my bed-time booster conversation with Alina the night before: “When people think about Alina, the word which springs to mind is Power. Power. Power of brain, muscle power, power of imagination, memory… You are powerful, Alina.” I do this remedial conversations […]

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Peter Spencer

Peter Spencer came with two boxes of eggs. Said that his “girls” were broody, which isn’t good. At this kind of weather (spring, nice) they want to nest, become pecky and don’t eat properly. No good. One led to another, I mentioned the dreaded Japanese knot weed in our neighbour’s garden. Peter asked to have […]

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White shaman

Last weekend I attended an interesting event. A talk on Friday and a one-to-one session on divination on Sunday, given by a Sangoma (Shaman) John Lockley from South Africa. This is his website: During the talk, John told us about himself and his path to becoming a sangoma. He had prophetic dreams about it since […]

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